From the rotting corpses of ASKING FOR IT and THE ANOREXIC OLSEN TWIN rises THIS IS A ROBBERY, back from the dead with more gutter rock and anarcho psychosis.

I'm gonna put everything I release on this page for free, but if you want hardcopies or merch you can get it thru the bandcamp, or if you wanna cut out those dirty middle men then my email is and we can work something out from there.

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This Is A Robbery
DIY Another Day (2018)
1. Jesus Bus
2. Prove It If You're Awful
3. Basement

This Is A Robbery
Outlaws To The End (2011)
1. Don't Fall For Me
2. Our House
3. Josie

The Anorexic Olsen Twin
Self Titled (2010)
1. I Think It's Going To Rain Today
2. I Miss My Friends
3. Sweet Dreams Rebecca
4. A Brief History Of Crime
5. I'd Rather Be Playing Piano
6. Sick Day
7. Little Birdie
8. Closest Hole In Space
9. By The Time You Read This Letter
10. I Guess That's What Brains Look Like

Asking For It
Happy Birthday Hitler (2008)
1. Methlabs and Bookstores
2. I Wanna Be An Alcoholic
3. Fuck Cops
4. Home Sweet Homeless
5. Magnum 44 Song
6. Sun Down Now
7. This Is How I'm Gonna Live
8. Sometimes
9. Fear Fear Fear Is What Holds Us Back
10. Untitled
11. All My Friends Are Drug Addicts