Welcome friend. You have staggered into the dystopian nest of Chris Burrows, a dysfunctional programmer, song writer, & wild organism from the backwater, ice pit, Tasmania.

At this thin slice of cosmic time writing, I'm living in the woods with Devil (my dog) and spend my days writing, reading, playing guitar and piano, making shit, tryna finish my house, programming, getting fucked up, loosly drifting between other misc interests, and serving my gorgeous Berlinerin mistress, Lisa ❤.

Growing older, it barely even turns my stomach anymore to watch people one by one abandon their ideals & aspirations in exchange for vacancy & channel changing comforts. While each heart must follow it's own trajetory, I can't shake the notion that theirs were torn from their chests. May this website encourage resistance and inspire your soul.

Neva quit. Neva die.